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Need Someone Who Reads German


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It`s the old orthography, usual at the time, known as “Kurrent”. The long one is a detailed recipt for the repair of a violin “Joseph Guarnerius” & a bow rehair etc. The short one, at first look is something like:

Rechnung für Herrn F von Siller

für Ankauf einem itl. Geige

Joseph Guanerius

als Profision --hc-t f


Oswald Möckel

If it`s important to you, you can work it out yourself (time consuming) with this alphabet:


I`m not quite sure how Tarisio make a "bill of sale" out of it

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For purchase of an Italian violin

Joseph Guarnerius

received as commision: Mk 50


Oswald Moeckel

I guess Jacobs translation would be better

I don`t think so, I would compleately agree with your translation. :)

The word "certified" is a bit confusing, but so is "Bescheinigt" in the German original. I would certainly presume that he means that he "certified" (Bescheinigt) that he has recieved 50 Marks, not that the fiddle is a Guarnerius

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There's no sense in calculating with old exchange rates. I have an old example of the german "Fuchs-Taxe", a kind of red book, from the early 20th century. A simple italian violin, fom Milan, for example, is prized in this book with 300-500 Mark. Probably the commission was 10%, the full selling would be this 500. In this way, we can make a guess, what Möckel thought about this violin, but not about its value today.

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