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Memorable concert this week with the Modligliani Quartet. Even better meeting its violist Laurent Marfaing for a viola test drive session, he loved my latest 41.5 cm (16.3) viola "Notte Trasfigurata". He produces a beautifull and powerfull sound on his 1660 Luigi Mariani viola. Merci Laurent! I will post the photos of this viola this weekend.


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Some viola test driving here yesterday with Antoine Tamestit, quite a nice player, he produces a beautifull sound on the "Mahler" Strad viola. Antoine holds my viola "Notte Trasfigurata".  Our principal Peter Pas holds the "Mahler" viola.


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On 11/21/2018 at 11:22 AM, Andreas Preuss said:

Cool. Would love to see one of your instruments one day.

Thanks Andreas! That instrument would be necessarily....  a viola...

Test drive with my latest viola in playing condition, "Notte Trasfigurata", 41.5 cms. (16.3 inches), with violist Anderson Vargas.


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54 minutes ago, uguntde said:

What do you use to colour your varnish? Will you apply a layer with more colour?

There is some colour in the ground (terra di siena naturale). For the colour coats (3 coats), I used Joe Robson's Brown varnish with a lump of arancione, plus some Kremer's Alizarim Crimson in oil dark and some ivory black pigment. All that in oil varnish. It turned out this:


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