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Violin maker with initials AA?


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Well, I can tell you this; Schloss in German usually refers to a castle or palace or some type of building. Also in German, AA can sometimes be used to describe a government office or an official body of some sort. So it "sort" of translates to "Government Castle", which of course, doesn't make sense does it. Can't find a reference to an A A Schloss maker in any of my books. Maybe a made up name for an import?

Is this on a ;label and is anything else on it?

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The words are as seen inside the instrument. I'm no expert - actually I know hardly anything about violins - so am trying to work out if this is worth something or is a poor fake. Apart from the inscription inside, there is nothing else to say that it was made in 1716.

I too can find no reference to anyone called Schloss who made violins, but the word is by and not bei.

All suggestions welcome.

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