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Metallic Thumb Leathers

Kari Azure

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A bit bright looking for my liking. But apart from the metallic thumb leather nothing new there.

Heres some original ones by Vuillaume ,Pajeot ,Peccatte, Lupot ,etc... Originally would have been bright gilt.

I did alot of research around 10 years ago on bow wrappings.

The gilt thread wrappings are a wonder of engineering ,especially when you look closely. A company i buy from has been making threads like this for several hundred years.


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Lapping designs are great fun. I love to see them in variety of designs.

But the leather grip is another issue.

Mainly is comfort for the player.

The silvery grip may appeal to a very small audience (of players), but on the whole, players are quite conservative when it comes to things like lapping and leather grip(s).

I get looks when they see some of my bows with red lizard grip.

Go figure?!

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