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Glue for Violin nut

Mike D

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I haven't invested in a hide glue setup yet. But I have some violins to setup so I was wondering what most people use for glueing the nut on? I bought a setup DVD but it didnt say what he used. Although it looked like dab of Elmers.



hide glue ...just a dab.... you don't need a glue pot, just a quick pot of water to @160-170 F with the glue in a small glass jar with a lid about as simple as possible...
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I must confess that it's the only place where I use white glue. Just two tiny spots on the nut on the neck facing surface. I cut a little chamfer on the inner corner of the nut too, so that no glue will ever squeeze around onto the fingerboard end. The nut pops off very easily when the board is to be shot, and can always be reused.

Missed your post Fiddledoug

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I use a couple of tiny dots of Elmers...

I do the same. In theory, the nut does not need to be glued on at all, because the strings hold it in place. But you do want it glued on lightly so it won't fall off if you take the strings off. Glue it lightly, please, because the nut needs to be removed everytime the fingerboard is planed, and I might be the one to plane your fingerboard.

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so this is what maestronet has come to, a bunch of hacks recommending elmers glue for violins, ill have you know that once you use elmers youve ruined the glueing surface for future real repairman to use hide glue

Lyndon, I use two tiny dots of titebond wood glue on the nut as well, so I am a hack, but a hack in good company.

I do this because it is quick and easy and harmless.

And because Hans Nebel told me to. Does that make Hans Nebel a hack?

Please Lyndon, do not listen to hacks such as us.

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Lyndon, there's absolutely nothing wrong with using hide glue. The important thing is to use very little, so that the nut can pop off easily. I use white glue because it's handy, and because it doesn't spread out and glue the entire surface, just squeezes out to two areas a few mm across; just enough to hold the nut on while it's being shaped. If you're very concerned about this, try sizing the surface with thin glue, letting it dry, and then using a tiny drop of glue. The size will protect the neck from direct contact with the white glue, and you'll rest assured that you've done the right thing, as it can be washed off.

P.S. I hope you're joking, but it's not nice to be called a hack :)

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if your glueing a violin with elmers glue, your a hack in my book and no im not joking......

as i said before for the people that seem to be a little dense on the updraw, once youve glued the nut with elmers glue, youve ruined the ability of the glueing surface to use hide glue in the future without chiseling away the elmers glue junk, the reason serious restorers dont use elmers or other carpenters wood glue is because its not reversible and cant be simply cleaned up with hot water like hide glue, do i really need to be telling you this!!!!!

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yes that would make hans nebel a hack (in this respect) if he actually said that which i doubt...

Not only did he say it, I stood there and watched him do it!

And calling one of the most respected restorers in this business, a person who shared a bench with Sacconi, a hack because you don't agree with a particular method makes you...

Well Lyndon, you've shown yourself to be what you are time and time again.

Why bother? :rolleyes:

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yes i am, if thats what he said, but why would i believe you, the thought of someone glueing the nut on a strad with elmers glue does make me shudder, though

I didn't really want to get into this ruckus, but I'm also a student of Hans Nebel, and he does use a couple of tiny drops of Elmers to glue nuts on. I also hate to tell you that not too many original Strad nuts and fingerboards still exist, so he's not gluing Strad materials. I would also like to refer you to current bow repair practices. Hide glue is rarely used these days for anything related to bows.

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