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Has anyone tried the new Larsen Virtuoso Strings for Violin?


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I picked up a set from Howard Core at the VSA this year. They are incredibly colorful, have a great deal of power, can be pushed without cracking (and I play with a fairly heavy right hand), and are incredibly comfortable under the left hand.

I've had them on one of my personal violins since I got back and have found them to be incredibly stable and have not had any issues with the sound degrading after the first few weeks. The break in time was very quick and they sounded the same out of the package as they do now.

Overall....great string that I would highly recommend and I'll be interested to try the stark version as well.

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I got 5 sets of them from HC when they first came out.


I agree with the thin-sounding E. 


As for the rest, they were nice enough, but I ended taking them off of the better instruments that I put them on and using them to sell cheaper violins. They didn't like being pushed and I haven't found a use for them in the shop as of yet. They make an under 1k instrument sound wonderful!


Every violin that I had them on sounded better with visions or PIs.

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Looking at opinions from elsewhere, I read these strings performed as well as, and might sound as good as some of the most expensive new strings and additionally were perhaps a bit more durable. Did anyone else have that experience with them? Thank you for any input.

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