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What's on your bench? (mk6)

Jeffrey Holmes

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This is not what's on my bench, but rather a whole lot of what's been on my bench over the last few years. I just finished editing and tediously labeling everything in my www.photobucket.com photo archives, over 500 pictures of about 30 violins I have worked on and had through my shop, all sold now.


Here's the link to my photos;http://s102.photobuc.../taylorviolins/

lyndon, This represents a helluva lot of work. Good going. Tell me about your photo setup to get the nice clean white background. What is your technique?


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Thanks Michael, those were actually done by a serious photographer I paid good money to. I'm doing my own pictures now and I use a mottled tan posterboard from Office Depot. Oh and yes the photographer is a violinist and he accepted "violin dollars" for payment sometimes!!

Here's a link to the pictures I recently took myself, not quite as good! 7 violins. http://s102.photobuc...ins/nikon pics/

Notice the label pics I did with Doug Wall's internal LED light, highly recommended, contact fiddledoug

or go to http://www.wallindependent.com

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Beautiful viola Melvin, happy with the sound?

Thanks Christian!

I am happy with the sound/playability but of course that counts for nothing if the client does not like it when I deliver it on Christmas day!

It's based on a Bros Amati from 1595 that I know really well. The original was cut down and then re enlarged to a manageable size with amazing skill. The original has a nice cello style scroll and a slab back.

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I got a cello back for maintenance that I made years ago. It's a mute cello, similar to the one Ben Hebbert posted in another thread, designed you can practice in an apartment or hotel without disturbing others. I have to make a replacement treble c-bout that is beyond repair. Big job, I don't know if I'm up to it! :lol:

Happy holidays,


post-29446-0-01911700-1356455467_thumb.jpg post-29446-0-62249100-1356455477_thumb.jpg post-29446-0-61425800-1356455533_thumb.jpg post-29446-0-21515900-1356455546_thumb.jpg post-29446-0-12482600-1356455661_thumb.jpg post-29446-0-87280200-1356455672_thumb.jpg

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I'm working on my third viola op15. Short on cash I'm working with some sale bin wood I've aquirred over time.

This is for my own amusement and to prove this new mould.

Some things in the top plate would not carve out. There is a small knot and then a pitch pocket which

I mended with a bathtub patch. One slip of the knife or odd runout in wood and you are practicing repair techniques.

I thought the mensure of the last viola I built was a bit long: 393mm vibrating string length lob 427mm. :-I

The length of the plate on this new one is 412mm and I'd like to start a pool with Maestronetters to guess

what the vibrating string length on this one will be.

I'm thinking about 373mm.


My viola set....scroll down to see op15s progress.


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