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So, I've been working on a Santo Seraphin model and I finally got one that I am pretty happy with.

I would love to have some new eyes on it and get some feedback as to the accuracy, and an overall impression with the look of the model.

Does it strike you as recognizable as Seraphin? Why and why not?

Thanks guys!



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Here is the 1740c David Laurie (one of my fav Seraphins) it auctioned at Sothebys. One of the more cleaner elegant f-holes that were carved.

Lets compare 2 instruments.

One small note - in your wings of your f-holes - note how these 2 instruments they trapezoid down - look at your f-holes and kinda see if you can do that - I think you have plenty of room to work with.

You have the purfling widths spot on when you zoom into the photo of the David Laurie. Looks great.

The upper and lower wings of your f-holes look awesome and clean and really look close to the David Laurie

The Jacques Francais black and whites show really good closeups of the scroll to look at where you can see some of the detail how he carved the scroll - unfortunately not really clear. The back of the David Laurie is absolutely STUNNING.

If you are going to be authentic - dont forget to add pins. Even if they are fake.

If you notice in the Jacques Francais back of the scroll photo there is a bit of a rolled edge on the scroll - I'll try and see if I can dig a better photo. Possibly others have some great photos of Seraphin they would be willing to share.

The other photo is an example how Seraphin would vary on his f-holes - note how the eyes have HUGE EYES in this example from Ifshin violins on their website.

Seraphin violins you have plenty of room for interpretation.

Good job keep up the good work.







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Thanks Andrew.

The outline is from the 1740 Seraphin portfolio published by Cremonabooks. It's not my favorite example, but the format of the portfolio makes for an easy template/mold.

I used other examples from various sources, books, etc. to fill out the rest of the info. I was able to look at the examples from the AFVBM archive, and those two examples are among the best around, in my opinion.

I was a little concerned that the f-holes might be a little too far afield from standard models, but that's the way he made them, so there you go.

Thanks for looking.

Just saw you next post.

Great observations. Seraphin's scroll have always been among my favorites, particularly the back of the pegbox.

Perhaps a more restrained f-hole next time. I'm not sure what you mean by "trapazoid down".

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Chris Reunings CDROM of Venetian instruments is a must have if you like the Venice school, gorgeous photos.

Absolutely. Recently been going off on the venetians and the french makers myself - could spend three lifetimes studying the photos and handing instruments of the past and never get any of my own work done HAHAH.

On the whiteboard behind me I have a list of books I need to order but have to make more instruments and pay off medical bills before I get more eyecandy to study.


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