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Authentic French D. Soriot violin?


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So I'm a relative beginner at the violin. I apparently have a Laberte "D. Soriot" labeled violin that I bought secondhand for a low price a while back. I've been playing it for the last year, and the sound is very good for a low end instrument. However, the previous owner(s) treated it like crap, had some older repairs done (notably on the neck/fingerboard), and it needs a bunch of repairs (cracks, raise fingerboard etc.) that will cost around the same price as another low-end violin, and I'm nearing the level where I probably should upgrade. I've been wondering if it would be worth it to have the luthier do the repairs or if I should just wait until I can afford a better instrument.

Anyway, to help me decide, I figured I'd try to see if anyone had any guesses as to whether it's an actual D. Soriot, since the only indication is a simple label with a typo and no accent marks:



ecole francaise"

Despite being beaten up, the sound is quite nice and has impressed a few violin players that I've shown it to, and the violin itself came with a "FRANCE" import marked "F.N. VOIRIN A PARIS" bow, which, while obviously not a genuine 19th century Voirin, nevertheless might suggest a certain trend for whoever used to own this violin and paired it with this bow.

Anyway, here's some pictures I took. Thanks for any advice:







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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is nothing to do with a D. Soriot or any Mirecourt model.

It looks like a Saxon violin that has been revarnished ...

I wouldn't spend more money on it unless the sound is really extraordinary - you have to bear in mind that it would be difficult to sell this violin for more than a couple of hundred pounds.

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I'm glad you're not upset - it seems you had a realistic view of this violin.

Of course you may find it difficult to find something with a sound you prefer, even if you spend a lot more! Sometimes these humble violins with their wacky necks can sound great - I've had a few apocryphal "Hopf" violins a bit like this that were really nice to play.

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