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Shar Music's Franz Hoffman Violin Line


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I was looking for a violin for my daughter who will soon turn 3 and will begin her first Suzuki violin lesson in a few weeks. I wanted something that could make a good sound and respond to her playing. Shar Music carries the Franz Hoffman line which looks reasonably priced. What made the line the most attractive to me was that those violins were made in Romania, whereas most fractional violins I could find were made in China.

Just when I finally made up my mind to make the purchase (at USD 349 it is not nothing to the wallet), I learned from the store contact that those violins are now made in China. I understand that at this price I could not ask for too much. Does anyone has any experience with the Franz Hoffman violins?

I did some more research and learned that Gliga violins carry quite a number of fractional violins made in Romania, while Scott Cao also has some from their China factory. Any suggestions? (I do not live in the U.S. so trying them out is unfortunately out of the option.)

Thank you.

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At 3 years old your daughter doesn't really need a violin even for suzuki. At that age most of the time the children use a wooden form that looks like a violin.

Do you really think that she will need a violin that responds well to her playing? All you will hear for the first year is some scratchy noise, and that's perfectly normal.

Of course you can buy any fraction size (probably a 1/16 and maybe it will be too big) but I hardly understand why someone would spend $300-400 for a violin for a 3 years old child. My first violin cost £50 and I used it for the first year of my lessons (I am an adult learner).

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