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French Dutch or Italian?


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Terse feedback comments such as "Thanks, good seller" pretty much always indicate violins which a seller has taken back without a fuss. In this seller's case the descriptions don't seem to have much to do with the violins, so I'm not surprised people send them back from time to time.

This particular violin is sold with a question mark at the end of the title heading, though I would be prepared to guarantee that it is in fact a violin. I think it's pretty interesting, though in desperate condition - I also think German (Saxon) c1800 though I know next to nothing about German violins. Prof. Saunders will maybe have a view ....

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It's one of those Schönbach boxes ca.1870 with the fakes scratches on. Don't get fooled re. age, just because it looks like it has been buried in a chinese compost heap

Leaving aside the (rather obviously) fake antiquing and the slightly "off" model, Jacob, what do you think of what you can see of the workmanship?

(Does that neck have a wind in it?)

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