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modern Italian violin from 1958 ORIGINAL?

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Dear Forum readers,

I have come accross an Itlaian violin from 1958 on Ebay.

The label reads: Luigi Auciello Milano anno 1958.


Bonhams sells a Luigi Auciello violin from 1958 which is here:


Apparently, the original Auciello labels figure the luthier's address as well, but the one on ebay does not.

Also the varnish is a different colour, the one on Bonhams is an orange red and the one on ebay looks different.

Would you say that this still could be an original piece or is it a copy made by some Asian copiers?

What makes me think that it could still be an original violin is that faking a 1958 violin might not pay off as much as if you copied a late 19th or early 20th Italian maker? Or has faking gone this far?



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