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It's a Petrus!

stephen maloney

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Oh no it's not..

Prove it, Peter. You are also "the rock", after all.

Oh, but sure, now you're going to pull out your fancy-dance dandruffchronologies again, right Mr. Smarty Pants?

Mr. "Science"?

Oh and the ever so clever Jacob Saunders; he will say it's another Germanic violin, right? Look where that got Machold.

It's like you guys are determined that I not get a good deal on a Cremona fiddle on eBay. Damn conspiracies.

Well hear this: I believe it's a Petrus, eBay says it's a Petrus, God told me it's a Petrus; I'm a duck and it quacks like a Petrus and therefore I know it's a Petrus.

Put that in your pipes and smoke it, gentlemen.

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I know it's meant in jest, but can we please refrain from taunting persons who are not allowed to post here? I rather enjoy avoiding the inevitable complaints that end up in my inbox.

OK I admit I’m a little lost here. Petrus Guarnerius can’t post here, and I thought I had made up the name Jürgen Pflaum (turns out there are a bunch of them), that just leaves the ebay seller, who I have know idea who he/she is... but mostly we’re taunting each other?

As for discussing instruments, and what they are/aren’t... isn’t that what this sub-forum is for?

Sorry if I am being really dim... :o

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Hello Steve,

Yes, it is good to see you've come out, so to speak. This would be a wonderful opportunity for you to expose your real nature, and be the real gentleman I've come to know. I always suspected your real name, but couldn't come to terms with the extremes, like Dr. Jaeckel and Mr. Hyde. And if anyone is wondering, you are also a very accomplished player.

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Hi David, well we all have our inner angels and demons.

For a while I got on a justice crusader track with certain ebay sellers; ultimately it proved a waste of time and energy, bored everyone, gave Jeffrey a gray hair, and was sort of like trying to eliminate every last gnat from the backyard. A certain satisfaction of speaking out against evil, perhaps, but ultimately naive and futile. Now I just pass the popcorn and watch the freak show. Won't get fooled again.

More importantly, I enjoyed trying out your violins a few months ago.

FYI, David Slocum is a seriously skillful luthier. Really, really fine work if I may say so; as good as I've seen anywhere else, including in New York and Chicago. Impeccable restoration and set up skills; tremendous work ethic.

PM me, David.

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