Is it really a Vuillaume "self-rehairing" bow?

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I could do larger photos....but it is usually not appreciated on MN. What is post IS in color. The stick is almost black in color.

I will see if I can get a better photo on the stamp. It is very faded at the end of the stamp. But says "VUILLAUME A PARIS."

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The photos are very small and look Black & white. Am i right in seeing that there appears to be a nasty gouge out of the side of the head where it looks like someone has plugged the holes and slipped with a gouge/chisel when levelling the plugs off.

The stamp also looks to be on the opposite side to usual and the mortice in the handle looks pretty long. :)

Also one hole looks correctly placed but on the other side it looks too far towrds the tip ,which may be just photo illusion but the self hair ribbon wouldnt work very well if the holes are out of line. :)

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