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Bass bar too long?

Nicolas Temino

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Hi guys,

I have recently finished the top of my new baby. It is based on a slightly modified strad G form. I have a 357 mm long top. If I use the rule I allways use to cut my bass bars: 7/9 the lenght of the top minus 80mm I get a 277 mm bass bar. Will it be too long? I am tempted to stay at the usual 270 mm lenght, as I am not sure what will be teh effect of such a bar.

And another question: If I finally decide to put the long bar, shall I also make it a little higher? Is the hight of the bar proportional to the lenght, or should I stay with the standard height that involves the top thickness?

The top is 357 mm long, it has a quite uniform thickness of 2.2-2.6 mm (slightly thicker near the f holes and around the soundpost area, around 2.9mm) and weights 64 grams (without the bass bar, of course)

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I measure 40 mm inside each end of the plate, tend to keep standard bar heights and shapes.

The main objective is to make sure it fits !


Ditto for me. 4cm from each end of the plate.

I have done so, 40 mm at each side and at the correct angle leads me to those 277 mm. So I guess I am on the correct way. This is the first time I make such a long instrument, so I am a bit confused.

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