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An interesting claim from Tian Yin

A . Because white violin is a kind of co-trembling body.It will produce the co- trembling phenomenon in a specified condition, even if the little breeze. Now we make a simple experiment. For instance, a new-made violin body's trembling frequency(400Hz) will decrease by 20 percent generally(approximate to 320Hz). The high-frequency turns lower apparently,and the low-frequency will change into a wider condition. So the CO-trembling phenomenon is improved completely.Using the method and traditional alcoholic paint(oily) which is made by hand,you will enjoy an unpredictable sound fitting to the experts and professional bands' demand.After two years performanced, this violin may reach the 50%~70% degree of an older violin.

B. After 2 years' dehydrating process,the inner tissue of the timber, which is used the white violin drying way,will adapt to the environment properly. Consequently, there is no change to result in deforming and cracking which are impacted by region's climate. (sic)

Any opinions forthcoming on this service,

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