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I hope to finish my new instruments in a couple of months and I think it is time to build my light box. After a search in internet about lamps, my doubs are greater now. To many specs :D.

For you who have much more experience in light box, what lamp could be good?? UVA,B,C???

I have found one UVA 350-400nm 30W with very good price. Could be that right??

Many thanks!!

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I believe the consensus (and definitely my experience) is that BLB (blacklight-B ) lamps are all you need for drying varnish. They may be a little weak for tanning, but I haven't done that. They are commonly available in the US in 24" and 48" T12 sizes, much lower priced than any other UV lamps I am aware of. Here, Wal-Mart has 24" units, including fixture with cord and switch, for about $10. There is probably something comparable in the UK.

Edit: Amazing what I had to go through to keep the STUPID message editor from converting the B and parenthesis to an emoticon. That's why the "unnessesary" space between them.

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