Show me your tool (in photos of your wall-mounted tool rack)

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Mine cost next to nothing. The rare earth magnets came from eBay at something like 20 for a 5 Pounds.

After I left my old job, I passed on my corner shaped workbench, with fitted drawers and a nice little glass cabinet for varnish stuff, as well as the wooden magnet bar to the guy that took the job. He didnt like the magnet thingy and threw it out... :wacko: :wacko:

Oh well...

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Similar, but not the same (Jose and I may also have sat on the same stool!).

I am sure we did, the stools in The Workshop haven't changed for quite a while...

I think I used something similar to these. Sorry I don't have the link to the shop I used, it was a few years back.


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I dont use it anymore because of that reason. I found that some of the steel was magnetizing to the point of the micro dust from sharpening was still stuck to the edges after I had finished on the stone.

It is ok for some tools in the shop like mirros, setters and rulers and stuff like that, but I am not using it again for cutting tools.

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Sorry for posting late . I tried to find this photo the other day but couldn't find it for some reason. I ran across it today. My tool racks (gouges and chisels) are copies of racks I saw at Colonial Williamsburg thirty years ago. I like them because they aren't fastened down to anything. I can move them close to my work. The knife holder has magnets in it to hold the knives on the ledges. I'm not wild about the magnets. I have thought of replacing it, just to lazy I guess. This would be a gook time to replace it as I'm using fewer and fewer knives lately. My bench is a bit different from most. I only work off the ledge to the left and the rest is just for keeping my tools handy. I have a couple of jigs I clamp up in an iron vice mounted on another bench that I do the carving work on.

Edit: After looking at the photo (hadn't seen it in a while) I realized I've replaced the ledge with a bigger one. Only about six inches wider. I don't use the cam clamps and stops for carving tops and backs there anymore. I do it at the other bench as I mentioned.


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