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Why do you post on Maestronet????


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Humor is a complex subject, being that each of us interpret things in a different manner and that interpretation may be related to our day. I choose to always interpret a harsh comment as a humorous one, that's the beauty of internet, open to my interpretation, some cultures or family's have extremely diverse forms of humor, and that clashes badly with others, often thinking they may be serious, when they are joking, and no personal offense was meant. I choose not to take myself and the important things in my life seriously, often making fun of myself, and thinking, these people must think I'm an idiot... :D , but the humor is one thing that attracts me to MN, people are too serious out there...thinking they are important....

The phrase I repeat the most to my wife when I post is "I just posted something that the humor is so horrible that this time I think I'll finally be kicked out of MN"

On another token, being that I can interpret posts as I wish, I look at the people here as great people, that I feel like thanking and little by little will have the opportunity to, some have become great friends, and time will allow me to better know others, from different walks of life, I can feel like a kid who does not know this subject and I don't feel jaded as the music scene repeating itself over and over became for me, this is all new and I love the people.

Sorry Oded, I ave a special talent, somehow I manage to spell badly with a spell checker....you must read my germanbiggrin.gif

Interesting. So according to your sense of humor it would be acceptable to say, "The German sense of humor is why they lost the war." Just for example's sake, of course.

PS My father was German. ;-)

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Brad Pitt wants the role, and I want Angelina Jolie. There's a bargain to be struck there.



The questions that are important would be:

1. Do you feel that posters have posted sincere questions asking for help which weren't responded to?

2. Do you feel that posters have posted sincere answers which were disrespected?

I hope that the answer to both questions is no, or at least, only rarely.

Is there some foolishness on Maestronet? Well, yes. See above examples of my posts.

You raise a good point in cautioning about not letting foolishness devolve into maliciousness.

I am wondering why after 650 posts I have yet to be attacked, and then someone comes along with no posts and is attacked?

Is it because I do not pose a threat to anyone? Afteral woodworking isn't really the issue here.

Or is it a random event, and I have been pushing the odds.

Perhaps I just don't have anything that is of value to bring attention to me?

Whatever the case, I wonder if anyone here posting has suffered negative effects from posting?

Has anyone been cut out of the loop for posting here? Found fellow makers not sharing with them for fear that they will devulge the information here on Maestronet?

If there are any yes answers to the above question, then perhaps some respect is the least we can do to show appreciation for some of the posters who risk ending up eating Quaker State Motor Oil.

So Why should I not post at Maestronet? ... is the other-side of the coin that some here at Maestronet seem to be choosing these days more and more.

Oh and 'No' to both your questions.

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From another thread:

Don't worry, David Burgess also left in a huff after he joined the first time. He then obviously spent some time thickening his skin and came back lean and mean.

Yeah, I got hammered on pretty hard when I first joined. But I'll admit that I certainly didn't take any great pains to fit in with the culture that existed here at that time. :D

And there was a definite culture and hierarchy!

When Bruce Carlson and Nathan Slobodkin first joined, I tried to give a little introduction and background, in hopes that they wouldn't get jabbed too hard by a few natives wielding pointy sticks. :lol:

I figured people already knew who Roger Hargrave was, because I and others had already referenced his writings a number of times, and it's super-easy to look him up on the web.

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Oftentimes sarcasm is an expression of insecurity. It is evident that you are insecure. Perhaps a path of humility and a spirit of joy in what you do & share with others would make this venue as well as life in general a better experience. Please refrain from your negativity so that this place will not become a first-class second-rate experience. If you need a hero to help you who was one of the best in the field of lutherie, Mr. Sacconi would be an excellent choice. Cheers

Just curious as to why you take a jab at Mr. Saunders ?

He has over 1800 posts, and you have 30, (and yes, I have less).

People on here have strong opinions and strange senses of humor, (yep, probably looking at you Mr. Burgess :) ), but that goes with the territory of being passionate about something.

In my opinion, pointing your sharp sticks at people's views on varnish, or how they carve their 'f' holes, but not at them personally, might yield better information sharing.


Or maybe I am way off base here..........your interpretation may vary.


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I am an amateur player and stringed instrument aficionado. I love learning about instruments and instrument making by reading posts on this forum. If I have a question or think I might know something that would help I might post it.

It is well known that tone of voice isn't communicated well over the internet. :blink:

Unmoderated chat sites or message boards often degenerate into "flame wars". Some will remember the old Soapbox forum where things got so hot that the site owners decided to shut it down. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Holmes for his deft hand moderating these boards.

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the wealth of info here cannot be accessed so easily and cheaply anywhere. Without this info I think of lot of us would not be able to continue or (hopefully) advance in our interest in stringed instruments. Books are great, and having a mentor is even better, this is like having many mentors and they sometimes disagree, which can get confusing also. Despite the pitfalls MN is a great gift for anyone to share. thanks again. If we all took care of our personal problems there would be no war , famine, greed, hate......... but we don't so here we are.

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Irony is sarcasm with a smile, and it's best to use little as possible in cyberspace if you don't want to be misunderstood.

Re: "the good old days."

I'm thinking that nostalgia ain't what it used to be, but somehow that has the ring of the familiar.

But seriously, I come here to get answers I don't already know. It's a fascinating place for a player to hang out, and discover the wit, talent, and dedication of the many pros here who actually know what they're talking about.

OK, then, carry on.

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I post to hopefully contribute to the group knowledge, as payback for all of the others who contribute what they know. It's a resource with no equal, and also provides entertainment with the unscripted wrestling matches.

I worry about the mental health of those who turn to MN as a connection to the "outside world". And, now that I think about it... that would include me.

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I live on the edge of the world, MN offers an opportunity to travel down the worm hole of space- time and culture.Meeting so many diverse folks from around the globe, all willing to share some of knowledge.....and humor.....and helps me stay connected....and get more educated. I know it's naive,but I like things pure and simple.

On humor,you all know my humor can be a bit odd at times, I'm a big fan of it. Perhaps central to our collective experience of humanity,humor like music is a creative endeavor that is based on a situational and cultural experience.There is a hierarchy to humor however,for instance, as a salesman for my work, whenever meeting a new client, I (try to)always let them make the first joke,and (try to)never make a joke that is worse than the one they made. This allows them to have power, something we all need at different times.

Being a newcomer here,my observation is that, some of the humor and stick poking could be toned down, just a bit.We are not all on the same page,and didn't all sign up for being made fun of. Personally I don't care so much for sarcastic humor, calling people stupid or ugly in order to make a joke just seems like weak sauce....

Q. What does a fish say when it sees a concrete wall?

A. DAM! :D

Here's one my then 10 year old daughter told me a few years ago...."OK dad, so there's these two eggs boiling in water right?....and this one egg say's to the other "hey, look...I've got a crack!" and so the other egg say's "Don't tell me that ...I'm not even hard yet!" :blink:

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I worry about the mental health of those who turn to MN as a connection to the "outside world". And, now that I think about it... that would include me.

See? Now that proves a point, If you are worried about my mental health ...and never have we met...well, then we are connecting..on some level..to the outside world...and if that is true,then there is no need to worry B) , is there? P.S.....I worry about you too Don, but for different reasons! :o

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It has enabled me to relieve the mind numbing boredom

of living in my isolated town. The solace of winter drove

me to violin building. The banter on MN is cetainly instructive

and entertaining........much better than better than watching "Jersey Housewives"


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I read Maestronet much more than I post.

For me, Maestronet is a lifeline and a school. I've spent the last couple years researching and preparing, and now am in the midst of making my first several violins.

Maestronet is a treasure. Beyond the current threads, the archives are full of gold. Besides providing constructive information, the forum also gives a window on the diverse and multilevel violin culture around the world.

Posting does seem to be a tricky business! When I do post, sometimes the pointy sticks attack. Egad! And sometimes someone is offended or someone's feelings are hurt even when not intended.


Bottom line though, Maestronet provides the most convenient way to enjoy a little community with people similarly obsessed with violins.

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This forum is a wealth of information, if you can sift through the extraneous material. I have found that when presented with a legitimate question, many accredited experts will step up share their wisdom; in my opinion, this is an invaluable resource. I'm certainly not on the level of these experts, but if I can help someone else out with something I have knowledge of, I'm happy to do so. This I believe is what the forum is all about.

I'm not opposed to humor; a little levity makes the day go by that much faster. However, when the humor is hurtful and at the expense of someone else, or when things twist into sarcasm, this can damage the forum community when upstanding people choose to leave and lowers the overall standard.

Then there are the odd individuals who became somehow misplaced into this forum. They contribute little in the way of positive knowledge, go out of their way to cast insults and create little more than hard feelings. Fortunately, the percentage of members in this category is very small, but they also leave the most damage and destruction behind in their wake.

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