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good value?


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I'd love to have a keik at that label. The substrate looks hokey as hell, from here.

The price, too, seems quite a bit steep for a fiddle that's been glued back together after being kicked by a horse. It's been my impression -not that I've a right to one- that major patching means deadened sound. Of course he does say "Restaurationswürdig" which I imagine he thinks is a synonym for Kerkerausfluchtsschein.

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With the exception of the chin, I really like this style of scroll. It's sort of like that Bernoulli spiral (mentioned a week or two ago) ends about 90 degrees sooner than the Italian ones (forgive my generalization). Then comes this glorious sweep through the comb. It does draw your eye away from the scrolls eye a little. Maybe someday I'll learn to hate it, but for now it's my favorite shape.

Does the deep carving into the throat make this fit the "gooseneck" description?

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