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Unknown Violin for your comments

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its not painted, its a mosaic of different types of wood veneer, you can see the different grains in the wood veneer pieces, in any case it doesnt do anything to make the violin sound better and probably makes it sound worse, a lot of people seem to think theyre something incredible but theyre just basic "factory" or small production work, theyre putting more work into appearances and less work into sound quality, i think one like yours fully set up, restored playing would be worth roughly 1500usd, up to 2000usd maybe if it sounds really good, with sound quality probably no better than violins that can be had for 1000usd or even less, and made probably 1880-1910 or there abouts

Lyndon, I agree with you. But I think that the younger, even after WW2.

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I got a bit more from the label:

Pigue Rue de Grenelle

pa r--an exf--- de

Celle de d--- --u-

Paris 1986

Which means that the person repairing it is referencing Francois Pique. Would it be worth trying to remove some of that label to see if there is another underneath? Looks like I have another violin needing to go to a professional.

Internet searching yielded this type of thing:

website with Pique Violin

French Violin, Francois Pique, Paris, 1815, labeled PIQUE RUE DE GRENELLE, ST HONOR AU COIN DE, CELLE DES DEUX ECUS NO 35, A PARIS 1815,

You can see the similarities in the label.

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