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Curious about this violin

T Ford

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This violin is for sale in my town for $1000. She says all it says inside is "Da Vinci".


Could anyone shed any light on to what this may be, what it's worth or anything else? I'll probably go try it out soon, however it is a bit of a drive to get to where it is at.

Thank you!

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Just wait to get some feedback from members of maestronet who are really professional before taking a decision but from what I see it looks like a violin that are made by hundreds. A little bit like the first one I bought for £50 about 7 years ago. the pictures are not great (and by itself that is a sign in my opinion) but the varnish looks really "plastic".

It might sound ok mind you, but unfortunately this is something you would only find out after paying the $1000.

Edit. Martin said it all I think.

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Yeap, really no way to know what you are getting ...


On the other hand you do get a reasonale case with space for four bows

a new-looking instrument with Dominant strings

and two bows (maybe the purple one glows in the dark?)

Perhaps you could do better closer to home with your $1000 but maybe not.

How far is a bit of a drive?

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Well, thanks for the info. I'm not actually looking for a violin right now, but this was one of the more intriguing ads that came up locally and recently. I know nothing about lutherie or how to judge a violin by its looks alone, other than the most obvious signs. It sounds like it's not even worth the hour round trip drive to try out. Maybe I'll post a pic of my three acoustics for you guys to check out soon.

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It sounds like an " old Italian" violin., but I know Da Vince had made a lot of things now I know Da Vince also made violin?

For a $1,000 bucks it may be worth that much regardless who made it. I would play it in a reasonable size (big) room first.

Some violin sound usually gets lost in a big room. You do not want to be

disappointed after you paid for it.

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