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Oiling your violin


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Besides all the other arguments raised on Maestronet about putting oil on your violin (can attack the varnish, might seep into seams and cracks making repairs harder, might bind dirt and rosin onto the varnish), this young lady's technique for wiping down a fiddle with an oily rag makes clear another negative side of "oiling your violin": The oil will get onto your strings in the playing area, and from there it will get onto your bow hair. So, you should figure on a bow rehair after "oiling your violin."

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The beautiful lady showed us how to "oil" a violin. She did it gentlely that is all we need.

what she meant is " violin polish " which one can buy from a violin shop. I would use just tiny bit of it, to make the job

of cleaning easy and make sure to use a clean solf cloth to clean the any residue. That is why some people do not even want to mention

to use "oil" . They would be afriad people use too much and leave the "oil" on the violin which may do more harm than the dirt.

Because chemical (polish) would have reaction to the varnish.

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I find 5W-20 performs well for harsh winter conditions. :wacko:


Sounds like my neighborhood oil change guy. I was once a diesel car owner who changed oil on his own car when I still had my

own garage. Now I am an old man. I would not craw down under a car for any reason. You know " doctor advice" ha

I would not put oil on my violins neither.

Luthiers are pretty good in " oiling" you violin, let them do it. I would not be surprised they just use water.

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