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a little soundpost

Stephen Churchill

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Use a spike kindof set up. I take a needle spring (blued spring used for keywork on saxophones) and grab it with a pair of pliers. I put a maple 1/4" dowel in a bench motor spinning. Take the blunt end of the needle spring (guess you could use a thick sewing needle??)and drive it with pressure (remember you are grabbing it with a pair of pliers)into the spinning dowel. Goes right in and works real nice in setting soundposts-especially ones with small f holes. jeff

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I usually take a coat hanger (remember those?), cut a piece, hammer the end out flat to stab the post and bend it to a shape that works for the size of the small fiddle. I tend to mis-place these, or even simply lose them, and seem to have to make another with every batch of small fiddles.

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