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Alfredo Averna?


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It's not. I look after 2 violins by this maker that the owners (yes, they are old...) bought directly from the maker. As for the scroll, it's better than what it is labeled! If you have a copy of Brisner around, you'll see-with some careful searching-that in the competitions that he entered, he didn't even make 100 points total, in a judging scheme that gave 100 possible points for workmanship, and 100 points for tone!

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Averna may have made shit violins but I really don't think this is one of them. Duane - are you saying this has points of similarity with the Avernas you look after? If so I wonder why your clients bought two!

The purfling is a very poor attempt - dates from a brief period when the Czechs tried to teach political offenders to make violins ...

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I really should write in complete sentences instead of thoughts...

I said, "it's not", and should have written, "it's not an Averna".

Each of the clients have one, bought for them when they were young on visits to Europe. Both are bird's eye maple, and pretty darn wild! They bought them in Italy, and they now have Italian violins that will sell for more than most of us get for our fiddles that look and sound better.

I could see putting his labels in some of the raw American instruments that I see, provided they are not clearly American maple, but even then, in the Scarampella book, mention is made of using wood from America, and I have held in my hands 2 R&M Milliant instruments-a violin and a viola-that were made using Big Leaf Maple.

All of the Chinese violins that I have seen are too clean to be mistaken for an Averna.

Lord help us if the labels and the basic style can be found together on Ebay with any regularity.

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