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So, aside from the big boys, what models by more obscure (or at least not as well known) makers have people used with any degree of success?

The world is littered with Strad and D.G. copies or spin-offs. What else are we littering the world with?

I've used an Ornati model with good results (although it is a little closer to Strad then not) and a funky little Carcassi model that caught my fancy years ago.

I'm working up a S. Serafin model, and I am finding it quite a challenge. I've always loved his work, and trying to faithfully interpret it only reinforces my admiration.

Just curious.


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The most obscure cello and viola models I do are my own ;-)

I do the same for violin models. I just haven't gotten into the "model" thing yet, and prefer to let the original makers keep their originality and I'll keep mine, although I don't want to stray too far from the Cremonese look... with one exception.

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