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Gaetano Pasta on Ebayhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/fine-old-Italian-violin-Gaetano-Pasta-1753-/221007620330?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item337514a8ea#ht_780


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Well there are a lot of fine violins in Slovakia, and Karel Vavra knows his stuff, but I don't understand Slovakian and I can't tell what the document says - can anyone translate it?

It looks like a routine da Salo trade violin to me, so I hope the paperwork says it's an old violin with a Pasta label ...

I note that the seller has borrowed some wording from another Ebay regular ... "we have sold certified French bows and Italian violins to numerous satisfied collectors etc ..."

I tend to be very suspicious of sellers who plagiarise!

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My Slovak is almost non-existent, so I can't get some of the words, but the basic burden is that it's a violin in Maggini style that was, without doubt, made by Gaetano Pasta in Brescia. He also says something about "signs", but the something is one of the words I can't puzzle out.

Pasta, besides having an "is this a joke?" family name was apparently not too scrupulous about his workmanship. Maybe he made it for the trade?

Eeeuw. I just looked at the label: the usual flaking-xerox fraud. I suspect that the cert belongs to a different fiddle altogether.

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One doesn`t have to speak particularly good czech to read the certificates date (5.4.2012)

ooOOoo nice catch! I was so busy struggling with the Slovak that I never even thought to look for the date.

So this guy takes a real Pasta to Vavra last week, gets a cert, then fakes a label on his laser printer, beats it up enough that the carbon flakes off (probably the edges of the paper are torn and/or burnt, too, could we but see them), and uses it and the cert to peddle for beaucoup de bucks a sad €25.- trade fiddle he's had cluttering up the place. Does that sound about right?

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I don't think the date of the certificate proves anything, except that Karel Vavra probably wrote it this month.

Looking at the violin it's clear that either Mr. Vavra's been hitting the rakija or the seller is pulling a fast one - I wouldn't like to speculate ...

But the fact that the seller's in Slovakia isn't relevant - I would be a lot more inherently suspicious of a violin listed on Ebay.com!

There are a lot of great violins in Slovakia - this just isn't one of them.

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