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Hard to believe you can call Rabin colorless. I find his playing to be extremely emotional, especially his tone. He shapes phrases much more subtly than other violinists while playing loud. He is a loud player...his boldness is something I miss when listening to other versions of Paganini's 1st. Unsophisticated? He plays the notes in a fairly straightforward manner in some ways, definitely shapes his phrases more subtly than most violinists.

I could well be wrong. My taste is not the best - for example I am the only one here who does not like Perlman. I should be excomunicated for that.

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I find the recording of Oistrakh, with Rozhdestvensky conducting, of the Brahms Concerto very convincing. Oistrakh is not really German (Austrian) as Brahms was. ........

Much like violins don't really need to be made by Italians in order to sound good. ;-)

I agree. But as I got older I started to care less about "convincing" and more about faithfull and right for the period. I'll stick with Kreisler in Brahms, then. I couldn't comment on Brahms competently but Beethoven's Concertos ( violin and piano ) were intended to be much less "symphonic" than we hear them today. I do not like the Brahms' Concerto - I find it uninspired, repetitious and downright boring. And so did others, including Sarasate for which it was composed.

The question is : do we want to hear Brahms C/to as Brahms would've heard it or as some centerfold "interprets" it nowdays ?

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Was he fond of Brahms' Violin C/to ? That's nice to hear and

complete news to me. And to some of Joachim's and Hellmesberger's


Joachim premiered the concerto, and I have always heard that he championed it. Do you have sources that suggest that Brahms wrote it for Sarasate?

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Joachim premiered the concerto, and I have always heard that he championed it. Do you have sources that suggest that Brahms wrote it for Sarasate?

Yes, I do. I don't think J played it more than 4-5 times and the big Vienna debut was with Hellmesberger who's best pupils ( Kreisler and Enesco ) played it while Brahms was still alive. As far as I was told the concert was not well received by critics.

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Thanks to everyone for the great music they've posted, there is some seriously good stuff here. Rabin and that little-known recording of Wanda Wilkomirska playing Kreisler were some of my favorites.

Thought I'd see if anyone has run across any new favorites to post.

I Palpiti with orchestra played here by Salvatore Accardo is one of the most exceedingly beautiful performances I've ever heard, and is played with unbelievable skill and feeling.


On a side note, I recently read that Heifetz played I Palpiti and Le Streghe many times as encores.

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I feel the need to jump in here with some other styles of music...

Kevin Burke--

Anything really, but "If the Cap Fits" will do nicely. He demonstrates that you never really have to leave first position to sound transcendental on a violin.

Here is an example of his early 1980s style with Micheal O'Domhnaill...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OilNy6nY2YM&feature=relmfu

Stephane Grappelli--

Anything really, but my favorite is his record with David Grisman.



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Ferras with Sibelius concerto.

Yes Ferras no doubt. My fave video of him is the one playing Faure Berceuse. I also love Kreisler any and all of his recordings his tone is wonderful.Plus back in the 1980's I recorded that Gidon Kremer playing Brahm's concerto off of PBS. I wish I could find a clear copy of that! HMM another good one is Gil Shaham I love his Wieniawski disk and his Paganini Violin with Guitar is awesome!

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