W.E. Hill and Sons Bow 54.3 grams Sydney Yeoman???

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<FONT size=3><FONT face=Calibri>I have a small collection of Hill bows, some of which are certified, and some are questionable as far as authenticity. But onto business…</FONT></FONT><BR><BR><FONT face=Calibri><FONT size=3>I purchased this bow about two years ago for a fair amount. NOT SMALL,… but fair. I purchased it from a long time personal friend of Arthur Bultitude, which was a Hill maker from 1922 to 1961 (documented on hill site) but truth is, he was with them until 62. <BR><BR>ANYWAY,… this was a personal bow of Bultitude's, and was purchased by a good friend of mine, along with two more hill bows, and two of his "bultitude" bows made in 79'. My friend didn't ask the original maker of this Hill bow, but came to the conclusion that it was one of Sydney Yeoman's very early bows. Given the notch in lower tip mortise. Yeoman's bows usually had a very sharp notch in the mortise, but this one has a circular notch, which was sometimes seen in his early work. The circular notch evolved into the easier and faster sharp notch that is most commonly seen in his bows. Fewwwwww….!!! </FONT><FONT size=3>That's a lot of info, and I do not know how much of it is accurate, that is why I am posting it here.<BR><BR>Other characteristics of the bow are.- No numbers or letters visible on underside of frog, tip, or bow. W.E. Hill and Sons is double stamped and slightly misaligned in the usual manner. Tip is original, not cracks or repairs. All mortises in great shape. <BR><BR>I wouldn't really even care who made this bow, but damnet it plays better than any other bow I have seen, and has near perfect balance. So we shall see. Thank you for your input or any info you can offer. And forgive my uneducated southern ramblings. <BR><BR>post-46161-0-63636100-1333255516_thumb.jpg<BR><BR>post-46161-0-00473900-1333255276_thumb.jpg<BR><BR>post-46161-0-41244000-1333255308_thumb.jpg<BR><BR>post-46161-0-72594900-1333255336_thumb.jpg<BR><BR>post-46161-0-06935400-1333255365_thumb.jpg</FONT><BR><BR></FONT>

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I'm afraid I agree with fiddlecollector (sorry Lyndon) - this looks like a mid 20th century German bow to me. I don't see any features of a Hill really, and the lapping (which seems contemporaneous with the bow and is most likely original) gives the game away.

Is it definitely silver-mounted? Could you show photos of the underslide and the brass eye?

The thread quoted by Jacob is very illuminating and will help you to make a definitive "is it or isn't it" diagnosis.

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Well that is quite a disappointment. I trust that the man I purchased it from is telling the truth, but possibly the truth is not the correct opinion. I am very let down by your conclusions. I am thinking the frog is not original, simply because the wear marks on the pernambuco do not match the frogs under lining outline.

I will have to take some closer pics, and look closer at the lapping. I'm not sure its original.

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I'm afraid it's not just the frog...

As fiddlecollector said, the stamp is wrong (therefore fake), so is the face(I can't see any ebony strip between face and head). I hope that you other Hill bows weren't certified by the person who sold you this one...

Do you want to post some pictures of the others?

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