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As I've posted previously, I'm not a violin building/restoring prodigy wannabe, but love solving problems in whatever medium I'm currently involved with. Happens to be violins at this stage in my life.

Very impressive problem solving indeed, I'd love to see more of your inventions.:) Are you familiar with captainhook's work? he's also a very good problem solver and tool maker like yourself. Looking forward to your new thread with a photo sequence of the alignment-branding process. Thanks, Brian.
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Did I miss it? How do you do the transfer?



Great catch. ;) See the photos below.

First, the logo must first be inverted using a photo image app. Next, I print multiple copies of the inverted logo on thick card stock. I think it's 50 or 60lb white paper - nothing special, but heavy stock works best.

Then, I cut out one of the inverted logos and tape it face down on the wood to which I want to make the transfer. This is usually the top end block.

Then I take the Transfer Tool which is nothing more than a converted soldering iron and rub the back of the paper logo. I do this until the paper turns brown and the tape usually melts away.

Lift the paper transfer and Voilà !

I am surprised how well this process works. A coat of shellac, casein, or varnish can seal the transfer, if you want, but I find unnecessary.

Stay tuned.


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