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Mystery violin

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Many thanks indeed, really; on the strength of your various opinions I feel comfortable it's, while perhaps not valuable, a nevertheless interesting and charming early fiddle (and not the typical 19th c. German fiddle we all know and love). The fact that it might be British intrigues me; one of the nicest fiddles in my own experience was a Pamphilon, which this fiddle reminded me a little bit of.

Much appreciated.


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I thought you had indicated it was not the usual rubbish (?). Inexpensive Schonbach early 19th c = T.U.R.

I prefer to cling to the hope that the fiddle was made by your Nottinghamshire forebears.

God save the Queen.

The violin will be by someone like Himmer, as I mentioned above. It has no nead to have itself described as rubbish by people who probably couldn't get a nail into a wall, even when they are trying.

BTW; the royal family are a bunch of germans too

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