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Most creepy ad ever


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No doubt the work of the small, subversive group working for an autonomous Vogtland. The group goes by the name Mark Neukirchen.


I'm with Addie. I understand they hold their secret meetings inside the giant violin in the visitor's center in Markneukirchen. Clearly, they are obsessed with things violin. If nothing else did, that would surely make them suspect.

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I just logged on found some really creepy guy singing loudly and dancing across the Maestronet screen. Is this for real? Maybe I'm having a bad dream.


We're talking about the greasy crooner, singing nonsense syllables, right?

When the room filled with the audio from his clip, my wife came running over to the computer, completely disbelieving but fascinated. What is that?

It's the first time in the decade or so that Maestronet has been on our computer that my wife actually took an interest in it. So maybe there is some value in such hacks (I'm referring, of course, to just the person who put up the clip, and not to the singer) occurring, as a device for increasing Maestronet readership.

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