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Scams on Craigs List

martin swan

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I stumbled across a couple of scams on Craigs List, probably perpetrated by the same person ...

EH Roth Guarnerius Copy

Sandvik Hardanger

Neither of these items are genuine, that is to say they have already been sold on Ebay and the Craigs List "seller" has purloined the photos and descriptions.

Please don't fall for these scams, which always involve payment in advance and a promise of delivery. If you ask to see the item the seller will vanish .....

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You only buy a violin from a shop or from a person who owns the instrument. It has to be face-to face deal. Period.

Well about 600 people who have bought a violin from me would disagree with you! There are quite a few honest internet sellers, and a bit of basic research will reveal who they are ...

However, Craigs List seems to be a particularly fertile patch for scammers and con artists.

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