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Yes there are other experts on this forum but there is only one David Burgess. (Let's see how many can legitimately disagree with that statement.):D

ps: time to retire that viola swinging Hulk again.

pps: yes I think you could take HIM.

ppps: we have lots of sheep near our summer cottage.

pppps: this tribute would have been better if you had offered lunch or at least a beer when we came to visit.

ppppps: when do maestronetters ever find time to actually make instruments?

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Thanks Strauzart, but I’m not really into tribute kinds of things very much. If I look for affirmation, it means the most if it can come from my customers.

Y’all already know that I don’t myself very seriously.

When I first started posting here, there were some enthusiastic welcomes which were a bit much for my comfort zone, so somewhere within the first few posts, I responded by saying, “No leg humping”. That was probably the first time I offended people, and I managed to do it within the first few posts. :lol:

We could have some fun with it though, like finishing the sentence,

"I heard a rumor that Burgess......"

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I heard a rumor that Burgess makes all his fiddles by hand. No hand tools, no power tools; just his hands and teeth.

I heard a rumor that Burgess personally fells all the trees he uses to make his violins.

I heard a rumor that Burgess likes having his dogs neutered, just like Bob Barker.

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Thanks Strauzart, but I'm not really into tribute kinds of things very much.

Ha, I knew it. Read my first line again very carefully and let it sink in. Eventually you'll have a good laugh.

Ok, sorry Mr. Holmes, for cluttering up the pegbox like this. Won't happen again.

Cheers and happy return to happy tax return season.

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i enjoy davids contribution to this forum a lot, i wish everyone had as much sense of humour as he does.... whether you agree with everything he says or not, hes a world class maker, and his advice works for him quite well, and you could do much worse than to follow his directions..... that and he loves sheep!! chronos, though im sure david started out doing everything by hand, theres an increasing body of evidence, even on you tube, that he does almost everything with a sawzall now, correct me if im wrong!!

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I heard a rumor that Burgess uses a special wood preparation that makes it so the wood only reflects sound in diffuse angles + it never reflects the same way twice + the reflections have a 1.5789 dB increase from the original sound (adding up in logarithmic multiplications while it resonates), if you play one of his violins the right way for long enough you can make a constantly increasing sound capable of generating a tidal wave…:blink:..it's possible...:rolleyes:

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Is this another obituary?? Sorry couldnt help it !


A few of you already know that I'm not really dead. The death was faked to push up the price of my fiddles. But don't tell anyone.


That's not my most flattering cross-dressed photo, but thanks, Skywalker. I think you're pretty good-lookin' too! ;)

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carlo, are you saying that unfortuanate violinist on the contra concordia cruise ship was playing a burgess?? no wonder he went back for it!!

Check this out!!!

This is a fascinating narrative of Costa Concordia's last moments overlaid on the AIS plot. Worth watching all the way through.

Rests to see analysis of flooding damage to find out why it lost power so fast and capsized so quickly.

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duplicate post, sorry

Aha, a post with no tribute. We’ll let it slide this once, but if it happens again, it will be obvious that it’s a grab for glory in the ongoing Maestronet power wars, and shall be treated as mutiny against the Sheepmeister of Maestronet.

(Edited, because the original version might have teed some people off)

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Jose, you have disparaged my bean bag skills, so you and I will definitely have a been-bag-throwoff next time.

The loser will wear ladies panties on his head for a minimum of five minutes.

I realise with this answer that you weren't very impressed when we met.

Not that I am scared of the bean bag contest.

Any time, pal,

you have no chance, anyway... after the contest we could compare top nuts... in case there is a draw...

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