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Who would you like to thank for contributing on Maestronet


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weve just seen an almost unanimous outpouring of support and respect for the thoughtful contributions of mr darton, well done michael, which led me and several others to wonder why all the attention to just one maker, when many thoughtful and meaningful contributions are made by a host of people on this forum.

so i wanted to open up a thread to thank the people who have meant the most to you on maestronet, and they dont just have to be "experts", they can be friends as well, or even people that make you laugh, it is not to comment on who annoys you the most, so my name should be left out of it!

how about trying to name the three people you are most thankful to on maestronet, and a brief explanation of why, and lets not try to make this a popularity contest as we all know david burgess and steverino would win that one (joke)

IMO mr jefferey holmes has to top the list, not only is he an expert moderator and great at his job(i should know ive stepped over the line a few times) but when it comes to thoughtful precise explanations about super difficult repairs ive never tried, like pillar clamps, etc etc stuff thats not even in weishaars book, hes really helpful, that and while maestronet could still exist without any one of its members, i dont think it could exist as well as it does without jeffereys help.

2 id have to say the illustrious mr peter ratcliff, until peter joined this forum id never met anyone i believed could accurately appraise by just pictures, until i saw peter again and again help first time posters with id,ing their violin, add to that his expertise in dendrochronology and willingness to use it on members violins, hes been a real asset to this forum, i hope the ignophiles dont scare him away

lastly ive really appreciated our new member jacob saunders contribution, appraisal skills at least on par with peters, and a willingness to be helpful not just with the most serious questions, but with simple questions from beginners as well, not only that but i consider him a friend, someone to be trusted, hes actually offered to tutor me in how to make cracks disappear like a pro, something, to put it mildly, i have a problem with, plus a great sense of humour, thanks jacob and everyone who participates here, nows your turn.............

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I personally think there's far too many people to mention/thank, people with different skills and from different walks of life that have contributed enormously to this forum. Of course we could all name the top three or so contributors but what's the point? I doubt if they even care or want to be thanked. I think the Michael Darnton thread was a very genuine gesture of good will but I would guess Mr Darnton would cringe with embarrassment if he happened to read some of the comments, and I mean the positive not the negative ones.

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i would thank Addie for taking the time to look at the f-holes of my violin and making a comparison to Hardie's work. I would thank ctviolin for his recent post regarding violin set-up. I want to add Lydon is spot on... that is to say that members should always thank others and appreciate the time a person spends answering posts or giving opinions...especially expert input. We all know time is money and we have to find more ways to appreciate the people around the world who participate in this forum for it makes the violin world a better place. It produces better makers, better informed people, and so much more. I don't see why we can't appreciate the efforts the top three members make. Once a year we can meet....have a great big mastronet conference and award the best mastronet award. Of course we'll have to find a way to pay for all this but you never know...life is short. I posted today to keep this topic going and hopefully people will add and add their ideas and it can do nothing but make this forum a better place. mickey.

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