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Michael Darnton tribute


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i think its interesting to look at who hasnt contributed to this thread

O.K., O.K.! To tell the truth, I cannot believe some of the responses- but, then again, they are entirely expected. Same old stuff from the same old posters- sour grapes, sexual inuendo, politically slanted comments...

Count me among the Darnton Ditto-heads.

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I thank you for starting it. I believe it was heartfelt and you gave homage to someone who has done a world of good for the profession. You are to be commended. The fact that some have chosen to stink up the place just shows that there are some very little people among some of the giants who care enough about our honorable craft to keep helping out.

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It takes a big man to admit he was wrong; apology accepted.

Pledge also accepted, and the results of said pledge gladly anticipated.


Actually, I was thinking it might be most appropriate to withdraw it. :lol:

May have taken too much responsibility. I guess it’s becoming ever more clear in this thread, which side actually dishes out the most dirt. ;)

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if its any condolences to mr darton, ive seen more negative comments on this forum directed at stradivari's and mr del gesus work, than specifically at mr darton's......

I searched the archives, and couldn't find any posts by them. Are you sure they're forum members?

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I cannot believe the mind of some people around here, the insecurity which seems to be displayed by those who really shouldn't feel so insecure (unless there is something I do not know...and no, Lyndon, that one is not directed at you...although perhaps you do have this going on as well).

Perchance, was it directed at me? :lol:

If so, grow up, and get off your fixation with kindergarten-level power plays. :rolleyes:

If I was interested in the Grand Pubah-ship of Maestronet (if such a thing even exists) aren’t there other fish to fry? Shouldn’t I be struggling with Jeffrey Holmes, Roger Hargrave, Bruce Carlson, Melvin Goldsmith, and at least a dozen others?


In my prior posts in this thread, I mentioned the significance of a couple of other people in the trade, or who post here, and nothing about myself. My own “status” on Maestronet is about the furthest thing from my mind. Why the F---- would it even matter to me? :P

Nor have I ever sought, or relished a leadership role. My involvement at Oberlin, for instance, was because I was asked to do so. When the opportunity came to pass it along to someone else who was well qualified, that’s what I did.

I’ve declined requests to serve in some other leadership roles, such as being on the VSA board. My first invitation to serve on the Federation Board was declined, but then Weisshaar pretty much hammered me into the ground over that decision, citing a duty to serve, and all that, so I ultimately accepted.

So the facts are very much at odds with your fantasy. It’s a shame that this didn’t occur to you (and others) on your own, rather than going off on some armchair “psychological analysis” without thinking.

This is a response to some other posts as well. I probably should have multi-quoted to really round out my answer.

There, Cockburn and Saunders, is that better? Sorry for lapsing into wimpdom for a bit, and thanks for inspiring me to snap out of it. There’s a lot of cultural influence in the US to act like lacy girl’s underpants, so I needed you Brits to put things back on track. :)

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... and yet you do seem to have a certain hostility toward Michael Darnton.

Is that a feeling, or are you prepared to cite examples?

I'm prepared with some examples of various interactions between the two of us (including other forums), which might possibly sway things in the other direction, but I'm also OK with leaving things where they're at. ;)

If some conflict addicts want to turn what started as a tribute thread into even more of a debate, that's their choice.

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Is that a feeling, or are you prepared to cite examples?

OK. Let's see...

What's up with internet gurus pretending that they have everything figured out allready? Is Darnton's violinmaking success anything compared to to Sam's?


I don't believe that most (any?) of the true "big dogs" [emphasis added] are terribly worried about that component of the larger issue.

Sounding authoritative is not the same as being correct.

Whether one has personally been successful with tap tuning or not, it's useful to acknowledge to readers that others seem to be using it rather successfully, or admit it if you don't have knowledge either way, rather than condemning the practice.

I can put up some quotes, and many other examples, but let's not go there. ;)

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On second thought, why should I care?

It serves me much better to spend most of my time making violins. That's probably better for most other people too, because perspectives from full-time violin makers aren't abundant here.

Edit, upon seeing the last post:

Yeah, Chronos, we can hammer this out for several more pages, and get a lot of people up and angry. That's not my mission, as I see it.

That's the worst you can come up with? I think I've got much better. As I said earlier, let's not go there. ;)

Like some others, I'm not particularly fond of continuing conflict, and circular debates on the forum. I take issue with some things, and with other things, I think there are more constructive uses of time.

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I think I recall a certain friction back during the Soapbox days, but it's possible my memory betrays me.

From what I can recollect, "The Soapbox" was before my time here.

Is anyone else bored? :(

I certainly am. As I stated a few posts back, I was OK with leaving things where they were. Carry on without me. :)

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