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"Italian School" violin

martin swan

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i happen to think this is an interesting violin, at least the varnish and wear on the back look italian to me, the wide grain on the outer edges is only a big deal if you make it one,(milanese cheap jack violins often had crazy grain like this) unfortunately what is a big deal IMO a nasty crack on the back lined up and going right up to the soundpost, id almost say it would have to be italian for this to be worth fixing, and i couldnt possibly say if it is italian, but it does look a lot like a genuine italian i had in appearance of the varnish, and i cant recall seeing a german violin with varnish like this, but i have limited experience here

on the other hand the scroll doesnt look so italian to me, and the neck graft, may or may not be real, i dont see anyway to determine if it is real from these pictures.

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I have never had an Italian violin but all my violins are copies of Strad. It should look like Italian violins

Unless modern Italian violins look differently than Strad. then they are copies of some Italian makers.

who was not Strad nor Guarneri, then who cares? Why they become so special?

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... has had the varnish striped and partly sanded off and been re-varnished.... and a sound post crack in the back to round things off.

Wow, I actually noticed these too! I guess you can teach a dumb dog... I mean a stu... well, the new tricks thing, anyway.

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I think everyone in possession of a brain cares.


Who cares a new design so to speak. There are violins of odd designs but few people want them except the makers themselves.

Recently I bought a German old violin (about 100 years old) . When I look at it, it looks quite nice. It is nice because it was made by

following Strad violin. As far as my naked eyes can tell it is (almost) identical to image of Strad. I believe the maker did his carving

with great care to follow a model. He did not have to invent anything. In fact, it is better not to invent anything. The job

of copying was hard enough.

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