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Violin by R. Bozzi


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Are you thinking of buying it ....?

A genuine Eric Blot certificate speaks for itself - he's "the man" when it comes to Modern Italians.

There's nothing to be said about the listing, I'm wondering what it is that you're asking?

I haven't played a Bozzi and I can't comment on this maker. I have some general thoughts on modern Italian violins but they may be irrelevant to you.

If you're based in the US you should remember that you'll have to pay 6% import duty!

Martin Swan Violins

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Is that 6% on new fiddles only, Màrtainn? I wonder because I hadn't to pay anything on the old fiddle I got from Bayern a year or two ago.

Antiques are theoretically exempt, but the seller has to fill in lengthy paperwork establishing that it's over 100 years old, and then has to find a courier who will transport "antiques". Sometimes if items are sent by post without tracking there's no duty levied, but if there's any kind of dispute the seller and the buyer are up a gumtree without a paddle ....

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