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ebay violin looks interesting for $1200, xmas special


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IMO this instrument would have to sound pretty bad to not be worth $1200 retail, question is is it worth any more than that and worth speculating on, dont mind me im broke


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j sully, your comment made me look closely and the pegs are terrible, way too short and too thick so a complete rebushing is needed, i guess i was way off on this one, didnt look too closely at it and just thought, wrongly, because it was grafted it deserved some attention, thats what our experts are here for, thanks

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Am I the only one that gets annoyed by seeing strings wound around the pegs so sloppily? It takes 10 seconds per string to make it nice and uniform and pretty. :(


Why any one gets annoyed? A price that is any where within this range $780 - $1200, is reasonable for the violin. Making

it look nice is extra. I don't blame the seller.

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