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Hello all!

I have been lurking on the boards for quite some time, and am always impressed with the amount of knowledge everyone is willing to share so freely. I am in the midst of building my first violin, and intend to post pictures upon its completion.

I have a question regarding bass bar fittings, for anyone who has the time. I understand the importance of a perfect fit for the bass bar, but it is my understanding that there should be a minimal amount of "spring" in the bar at the ends (without creating any "rocking" along the bar). What I am wondering is if there is a general rule as to when you would want more/less spring in the bass bar. My mind tells me that an instrument created to be played under low tension (like a baroque violin) would require little spring whereas an instrument under higher tension would necessitate more. I understand that there are few, if any, rules that are absolute, but am curious if there are any general observations on this.

I apologize if this is a silly question, but it one which I have found little information on.

Thanks in advance for any insights anyone may have to offer!


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This is related to my first post here on MN, so I remember it pretty well. I finally went with no spring, and am happy with the bar. The other extreme is in Riechers' book.

The violin and the art of its construction

In order that the bass-bar may obtain the right tension, the side of it lying next the belly must be slightly curved, sufficiently so for both ends, before they are glued, to stand away about 2 m/m. In the process of glueing, the ends must be firmly pressed down.
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