Purfling bits

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what did you end up getting?

I went with Kodiak Cutting Tools. The price seemed very good, and they had a huge selection of sizes. I got two each of 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.3mm.

But there were many sizes in between those.

This is my first time not hand cutting my channel, so I'll let you know how it goes.

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.051 " = ~1.3 mm

Do you match the purfling? bigger/smaller bit?


Yes. I went through my purfling stash and got three bits that matched the majority of what I use.

The bit are 0.1mm smaller then the purfling. I figure that after I mill the channel and prep the purfling the fit should be just right.

Better too tight then too loose.

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Hi, I'm curious to know which tool you're using. Is it one you made yourself or an off the shelf product. I particularly like the Darnton design http://darntonviolins.com/purflingmachine.php as it looks fairly straight forward to make and comfortable to handle. I ask as I'm at a similar stage, I have all the rest of the equipment , excluding the purfling bits and this tool. Brian

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I too find that squeezing purfling into a tight channel can be looking for trouble. The black strip will buckle, shear, and look uneven.

I put in my purfling dry. Then following a tip from Darnton, I lift the end away from the corner such that the bee-stings are not disturbed. I squirt in a lot of glue into the open channel. I then push the end back into the channel and squeeze the glue toward the bee-sting much like a tube of toothpaste. If done correctly, the glue will ooze out around the bee-sting. Voila!

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I would be looking at something like this or like this to make into a purfling tool. You would need to set it up with a variable speed foot pedal and of course you'd need to modify it for doing purfling.

If you want to get a proven tool, not have to experiment or design something new you could buy Tom Croen's purfling tool. It's very well made, a proven well tested design.

Oded Kishony

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"I use ......."


I buy the MSC ones. However, I believe these people drop-ship from various places. I would not be surprised if some of your other sources were the sources.

One issue is precision. They come in .005" increments, but one should measure them with a micrometer. I have seen a spread of perhaps +/-.003 or even slightly more. But they last a long time and it is OK to throw out a few. Nominal 50/1000 for violin, 60/1000 for viola.



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