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What weight?


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standard stuff from international violin, i think its about 130 but i could be way off, ive been told the main problem with the really high pound stuff is it gels much quicker and you have to race to get stuff together, and if you dont the joint is weaker, cabinet makers used to use really weak stuff i think 80 or 90 because it gave them lots of time to get the clamps on,

urea can dramatically slow gel times but i havent heard much good about it strength wise. certainly if youre going to have only one glue id reccomend something like the international 130 stuff, however if youre really fastideous, some higher strength, quick gelling glue for stuff youre sure you can get clamped quickly enough might be useful IMO, i just cant think of to many operations in violin restoration where the clamps go on really quick

ive heard the strongest hide glues are every bit a strong or stronger than just about any modern glue

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I use 192g high-clarity for most things. It IS really quite clear, which is nice, and is very runny when hot... even in pretty high concentrations. That can be good or bad, depending on what you want to do with it.

For some other things I use 315... if I want a thick and soupy glue, or quick-setting, or thinned out to make a temporary joint.

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I use Behlen that I think I got at the Woodcraft store. Nice stuff, very clear. I have it marked on the can 2.25:1, which is the water/glue ratio I mix it at. I do have a bag of International violin glue that I don't use because it was so cloudy and nasty. Never got anything else bad from them. It is fairly thick though.


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