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3rd Soundpost Crack

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I have an aquaintence,,an elderly gentleman,,

an englishman,,,He no longer knows who he is,,

In His day,a philosiphiser,,A collage proffesser,,electrical engeener,,

A scientist,a crafts man A lover of good food and wine, a million times smarter than me .

He built airplanes,harsicords and fiddles,Documentaries on the war,,

Studied the social inequalitys,,,Audio acoustics of concert halls

Oh how He loved to stir the kettle,,Just to see people take a stand,,

And defend their position,,To argue for argument sake.

Some hated Him,Obnoxious He could be,,,,,

He would challenge anything you said,It was His way of testing the metal,,

After an evening over glasses we argued ,,till no more debating I could do,,,

I happened up on Him later that nite,in the midst of a group,He had now taken My side,,,And continued to fight

When our eyes met,,He gave me the Biggest,, S,,,Eattin grin you ever saw in your life,,,

He would play the part so well,, you would never know,,till you stood up to him and called His bluff.

He never seemed to care a bit for himself or what you thought of Him,,

It was just His way ,,,,,,He’s really a very gentle person,,I know Him well,,,

The way you respond to him was always your choice,,,,,

Me thinks,,all anyone really wants is a little love.

So don't push things too hard if you don't want to crack your sound post,,

be gentle and loosen the strings first. ;)


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When David is referring to better tools, I think he is referring to something a little more simple. Thanks to Skywalker for providing the props.

This is what happens when the boss is away sweating over a hot rehair jig. post-25008-0-11110900-1323476577_thumb.jpg

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Alright, I'll take the bait. What are your reasons?

I Think it's easier :lol:

well I'm not really fishin,, just discussing,,

I've learned so much from this place and others, that I thought mabe I should participate,,, :D

Well ,

Check the bassbar placement with a ruler,

set the bridge properly over the bar 1mm overhang (or so),,or mark it,,

measure the distance to the outside treble bridge foot mark 1mm or so in from the outer edge of the foot.

measure that distance to the inside edge of the f-hole,,(remember it)

Now place a mark on the edge of the treble f-hole, to mark the distance that you want the post behind the bridge,,

Then,,if you are right handed,,hold the setter with your right hand,,ruler with the left,,

The neck is pointing to the left,,kind of under your left arm,,(the fiddle is still flat on it's back)

hold the ruler inside the fiddle,(treble f-hole)

bring the soundpost in through the bass hole to the right of the ruler,,

use the ruler to set the distance of the post behind the bridge,,,

hold the top side of the post against the side of the ruler, move the ruler to position the post the correct distance from the back of the bridge

gently push the post up against the top plate,to hold it there ,(it should be slightly leaning over,,top leaning toward the treble )


pull the ruler back out till you can touch the top side of the post with the end of the ruler,,,then push the top of the post over to your predetermed measurement (off of the inside edge of the f-hole),,

hold the sound post at that place with the ruler while you gently push the bottem of the post underneath till it is standing straight up. :lol:

If the setter is straight in the post and you measured properly,,the post is placed where you want it

first time.. every time. If it takes longer than about 20 seconds, something has gone wrong.

As you cut a post it is the same thing just slowy working your way to the right place,,

To take the post back out,,

Just stick the post with the setter,,I gently squeeze the fiddle directly above and below the post so I won't be pushing the post in too far or sliding it around,,then slightly squeeze the c-bouts and the post falls out(It hardly takes anything to do this),,slide the bottem of the post toward the scroll and back out of the hole.

I'm not sayin this cause I think I'm so smart, and everyone else's not,,,

Before I learned to put it in this way,,, From Ed Campbell,, I'd used every setter and string,

hollow tube with loops,contraption you could imagine,,,,

But now with the right setter and technique,,the results are predictable fast and repeatable,,,

and you Rarely drop a post.

I greatly appreciated learning this,,,, so I'm just sharing,,,,


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what do you do if the bassbar is in the wrong position?

Well,,,, you could mean fingerboard projection and/or f-hole placement versus bassbar placement, end pin discrepancies,,,, like a general train wreck?

Well,,,you add up all the perimeters and measurements, look for theoretical significance of all those numbers, average everything out--looking for some perimeters of sanity...and punt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can make one leg of the bridge shorter than the other to lean the top of the bridge to one side or the other,,,, to keep the strings above the fingerboard and at the same time keep the bridge feet approximately where they go.

You basically have to get things set up as good as you can and experiment around to see where you can get the best sound....

or start tearing the beast apart and fix it up right. Tonight, I'm gettin' tired, the brain's foggin',,, I think I'll punt...


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good evan, the reason i brought it up is i have friend that say the bassbar position determines where the soundpost goes, if the bassbar is off by a mm then so should the soundpost be off by a mm, me i just try to centre the bridge then set the strings off centre on the bridge if i have to to get them to line up on the fingerboard, but if the bass bar sits in completely the wrong position, i still set the soundpost lined up like i normally do because IMO two wrongs dont make a right(bassbar off, soundpost off)

disclaimer, i have no idea if this is the right way, just the way i do it....

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OT mode on

.... I was offering to send a hemostat to Atomino because they are soooo cheap here.


Hi Tony. I'm a Vet and work in Horseracing Industry. We perform surgery and I have lots of old hemostats i can salvage. I appreciated you offer thouhg... Thank you very much indeed!

sorry, wannabe, no problem with canadians, im used to put downs cause im australian, what a lot of people are not used to is australian type humour, at least in america. i was trying semi-humourosly to mention that if you infer to an italian that they might not have hemostats there, its almost insulting, sorry for the misunderstanding

No offense taken Lyndon, I've been reading Tony's statement just as a kind offer. I've been living Downunder long enough to appreciate your Aussie Sense of Humour. End of OT

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