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wondering about bridge waist. For some makers, a stiff waist helps violin high frecuencies ( sound projection???) on the other way, checking some "good" bridges and other makers, you find the waist from 15,5 to 16 mm. that sounds minimun for me. The blanks I´m ussig now, *** Teller, are 18mm at waist.

Do you find the waist as a tunning-sound ajusting matter? Any experiences?


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Imagine, for a minute, that ALL the vibrations going from the strings to the violin must first pass through the waist. Sounds like a big deal...

The ultimate thickness will depend on what type of wood you are using. A Teller *** will require a deal more wood left on than say a Milo Stamm Royal. But you also have to consider the shape of the wood as it comes off. Do you want to make the curve tighter or straighten it out? What will THAT do to the sound?

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