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Violin ID?


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This is a classic Mirecourt trade violin, looks like a Laberte "modele d'apres Stradivarius", though these violins were also labeled as "d'apres Kloz, Bergonzi, Amati" etc. The model is a standard one, the labels (and the price) were chosen once the violin was graded for sound.

The varnish looks very like what you'd find on a Nicolas Bertholini, also labelled H. Clotelle, H. Denis etc ....!

I may be wrong, but I think the pattern is a unique Mirecourt evolution which no longer retains any features of one of the great masters - though the back length and width are more Stradivari than anything else.

Martin Swan Violins

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All my violins are of not this type of (less transparent) varnish. Yours is must be typical of something.

Just my observation.

Can you be a little more clear on what you mean? When you said "All my violins...", are you referring to all the Deblayes you've came across? And when you said "...typical of something", what do you mean by that?


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You're right, Deblaye made great violins, as did Marc Laberte and Jerome Thibouville-Lamy,, but they also had very large workshops, You can see all their catalogues on Roland Terrier's website - in the mid-1920s they were all charging 5 to 10 times as much for their own productions as for their studio productions. Moonboy's label is a Deblay workshop label.

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