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If you are uploading photos, please read!

Jeffrey Holmes

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1. Try using Google Drive. It will work if you can copy the image location.

2. Every forum is a little different with regards to its photo uploads. I can upload a photo directly from my new smartphone to MN - but not to an older format forum I engage on.  But yes, the less pixels , the easier the upload.

Just try uploading first, before you bother messing around with resizing.

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I do not understand technology or photography and, I have been fretting about the size of my photos. Compared to ALL the others, mine look gigantic. I have been using the Airdrop app, on my iPhone 12Pro to send to my iMac and then upload them to MN. However, if I go phone-to- email, I get the option to make them, Small, Medium, Large, or Actual Size. Those seem to relate to the amount of information and not the physical size; right?

I'd like to say that the previous posts in this topic, with explanations and instructions, are so old as, to not seem applicable. But, in truth I don't think I'd understand them if they were written yesterday. 

If someone would be kind enough to give the current instructions, I promise that I'll have my son read them and, then show me how to do it.

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Instructions are all a bit miss or hit, depending on the individual, their operating systems and other various whatnot.

I have been using MS paint to reduce photo size - that program that came with my computer - when I'm on my laptop.

There also are various apps that work well if you are using your phone. I used one once (a free one)...but can't recall the name. A lot of these apps come and go too fast to keep up with.

Regardless, once you have reduced the file size, save the reduced photo to your computer or phone and then it's easy to upload to the forum.

p.s. you can reduce by size, percentage or pixels, etc. It's a bit confusing. Just a heads-up! ^_^

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Eventually we all become aware that we're on the wrong side of a generation gap and that the technology we struggled to master 25 years ago is obsolescent.

I have no idea how to operate a mobile phone but for a PC (possibly also an iMac?) can recommend a cheap program called PhotoPad Image Editor by NCH software. Using this one can independently manipulate the size of an image and its resolution. For example a jpeg image can first be reduced in size from say 4000x3000 pixels to 1000x750 (as you can also do with Paint), then data-compressed from several megabytes to just one or two hundred kB. When viewed at the size of a 21" computer screen the loss of detail will hardly be noticeable.

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11 hours ago, khunsakee said:

I do not understand technology or photography and, I have been fretting about the size of my photos.

Open the picture in the "Preview" application on your Mac. Then go to the "Tools" menu, and select "Adjust Size..." Enter your desired size, click "OK," and then Save the picture. 

"Preview" is the default Apple application for viewing pictures and PDFs on the Mac.

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