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New paper called "MOZART" chocolate box (sorry violin)


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After some months ...with a guitar, pianos and flutes construction i came back with my new

paper violin ,called "MOZART" .

This violin is order from customer (female )and i make it with a new ,new, new technique with the minimum of the epoxy clue and new eco varnish.

Is 95% eco construction ......

This is the new generation of my violin....not the best but i am very ,very close to make a really very good paper violin ...in the near future....maybe after 5-6 violin more.....but and now is worthy with a good wooden violin.

I hope you like it...and in a few 2-3 days i put here and one video.....





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Why confuse the wooden box of cigarettes with wooden neck with my own construction???????????

To make the paper neck in my VIOLINS must first stick more than 150 layers of sheets of paper one over the other.

Use almost exclusively, electric tools to give shape, why not work with other tools easily.

So, with layers of paper one top to another, etc. ... made ​​and the top,the back and the ribs of the violin.

But is not as easy as it seems.

Should stick well to paper, to get the hardness needed to keep the figure, that should be open F holes right ,in one material that when the sawing ,nonstick the paper.

Then you must be inspired to create something different on the outer surfaces of the violin (painted, etc. .)... be careful not to suffer anything, before finally manage to pass with varnish.

All these above, without going into all those small details to be made internally, but and generally during the construction of a violin that would not have stability problems and set-up.

I say again ....and again...it is much difficult to make paper violin and much more difficult to make denim or other cloth violin .....from a wooden violin construction....


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Ok...La Folia,no problem...

This piano is made inside all from paper ,outside from denim and cloth ....have inside audio speaker ....and outside the control panel for the volume and some other thinks....

For the playing i use (is cheap...) the Yamaha NP-30 electric piano....

Listen this ...with piano and denim violin....

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I see two overall themes, here -

1. A tragically flawed idea.

Too many contradictions: epoxy, denim and super glue, etc. are toxic and in no way eco-friendly. The execution (not my cup of tea aesthetically), is novel to a degree and mildly interesting. Perhaps just the sort of thing needed to stimulate your country's flagging economy - more toxic tourist items. The sound of the instrument is surprisingly good for epoxied paper; but it's not as good as a real violin. It never will be as good. Lastly, I wonder how long compressed paper can withstand humidity and the pressures of strings/bridge/soundpost, etc. I can actually imagine the violin imploding/collapsing. Can these instruments last 100 years? I doubt 10.

2. You're a talented musician who feels the music. Why not focus on that aspect of your career and develop it? Yanni should be on speed dial. The area of playing is where your real skill lies.

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Hello to all dear friends....

First to clarify something again....

I am not a musician (only Dj in the past),not a maker of music instruments.

I am an artist with open brain and skills in general construction.

Its easy to use hide clue ,but more easy to use epoxy ...only for the time and because i don't have all the tool i need at the moment.(in near future is easy to me to make one 95% eco violin)

All the other material is almost natural (flavor,water varnish and little wood clue.)

My instruments i believe is live more a 10 years (i don't now how much ).

My instruments not break,without problem with humidity and repaired very easy.

Have only problem with the heat ...close to warm points and after to 40 - 45 Celsius degree and with full string tension.

I believe in a near future (near) i make a real good paper violin (like good wooden)..after 3-4 more violin.

The improving methods with a pressure and heat machine ,i believe to improve the quality of my violin 100%.

If makes and all the other construction of the violin ,one professional maker ,all this go to some other dimensions.

.....BUT....i write here all this only to show my work ...(art work first and musical instruments second)...

BUT...unique all over the world in art and music ...and the band too.

...if i have 400 years to improve my instruments (like a wooden)...and with the new technology...in 20 years i go to the moon...

My only regret is for the negative attitude of my construction.

Write and present my work and instead ask, how and why some things work and should not, all you do is to find some negative points.

I don't give the same attention in this now ....because all this ,real works and works good.

I make and my band Just to we can show all this and a professional level.

It is a matter of time ( slowly because the crisis )......

Real sincerely ...


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Yes ...i have a big brain ... and open it because it does not fit..and had to ventilate because of the many turns and high operating frequency, heating up.(now is a cabriolet )

if you need a little with very happy to give you, because you got the rest and the briefs...

Maybe you like it ,one real good violin ...with Mozart and....with extra chocolate inside... :rolleyes:

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Yes ...i have a big brain ... and open it because it does not fit..and had to ventilate because of the many turns and high operating frequency, heating up.(now is a cabriolet )

if you need a little with very happy to give you

Oh, yes please


("Delicious Cuisine": Kidneys with brain

Theresia Mann from the restaurant Mann in Königsbrunn am Wagram loves cooking intestines. For the TV series "Delicious Cuisine", she cooks kidneys with brain)

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Toxic denim?

The processing of denim is highly toxic, yes. My point was that it's nonsensical to advertise these novelties as "eco-friendly" as there's nothing "friendly" about making instruments that utilise denim as a primary material, as an example. That or employing other substances and practices that pollute the world. Epoxy and super glue are not eco friendly either, last I checked. So maybe Mariachi can use raw organic paper and hide glue? Let's see...where does paper come from...? My point exactly.

re: denim






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