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Ultimate Notation Reference for String Composers


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thanks Lymond! I'm looking for a book or website that may be a comprehensive 'bible' standard for orchestral string notation... A 'library' for the proper notation of all the bowing patterns, accents and phrase marks...

I have his Music Notation (A manual of modern practice) where he says'...orchestrators and composers will expect to avail themselves of far more specialized material' (maybe he was just theatrically throwing his nose in the air...:))

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In reading the Patricia and Allen Strange book on contemporary violin techniques there's a lot of craziness out there in compositional intent, looping, time/space transport across galaxies. The "best" resource means comprehensive? I believe books by both Kurt Stone and David Cope? are often referenced, but they are pricey. There are two great University libraries close by so I tend to go there for research. But I do agree with WW to some degree. If there is a composer that specializes in a particular technique or sound, it would make sense to follow that provenance.

Finale and Sibelius are both reasonably comprehensive notation software packages, but do not include esoteric markings. Most music fonts that are available with these software packages have a look that is a little wimpy. At one point, you'll have to purchase a copy of some vector graphics software, like Adobe Illustrator to create wilder markings. I've over-laid notation (and violin pictures/forms) using Illustrator, because certain markings aren't avaiable.

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I'm looking for the best resource for string notation... I have the Gardner Read classic but I'm looking for something more specialized and comprehensive for strings only... the ultimate reference ... Any suggestions?...

If you place Gardner Read into Amazon.com, it will show you books that customers bought that bought Gardner Read. Maybe one of these will furnish what you are looking for.

Ben Podgor

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