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We have been operating the Maestronet forums for over 15 years. The forums were designed to allow free and open discussion for all things related to bowed stringed instruments. While some oversight and moderation is required to ensure the site's integrity, we try to keep these actions to a minimum.

Although the viewpoints presented by the members does not necessarily reflect those held by Maestronet, within the framework, we have always encouraged a cordial environment free of personal attacks and respect for different points of view.

When discussions deteriorate, we have occasionally found it necessary to take steps to preserve the environment. Unfortunately, over the last several weeks, a few of the discussions have deteriorated to the point that we felt such steps were required.

We encourage our members to respect the limited rules which have aided in producing a wealth of information and education for thousands of people worldwide. This is something we feel is worth protecting, and we will continue to do so.

The Admin Team

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Does all content need to be approved by the moderator, or just that of new members? If the latter, how long does that go on for? As a new member, it’s very frustrating to keep seeing “your content will need to be approved by a moderator” and then to be blocked from making more than a couple of posts a day.  
I understand you want to protect the site, but wouldn’t it be better to simply block any member from the site if they post inappropriately rather than penalize new members from the start? 
The forums here are great, but its very difficult to participate, have a ‘conversation’ and enjoy the site when only allowed a couple of posts per day, and when even they don’t get posted for a day. No disrespect intended! 

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New members are subject to post approval for their first 10 posts.  New members are also limited to 2 posts per day during that time.  Once the threshold has been exceeded, there is no delay or limit.


Although we have software that blocks most spammers, there are always those who sneak around the security (we had a period this became a real problem; literally more than a hundreds of posts)... and some new members tend to enter the site breaking rules they don't understand (I just deleted 2 "for sale" notices in the Pegbox and Action Scroll this morning).

The moderator (me) has been working on this board for 20 years on a voluntary basis... while running my own firm, raising a family, and teaching.  To be willing to continue, I find it necessary to protect my own time as well as protecting the quality of posts on the board.  This works. Blocking members after the fact doesn't. That is also the reason there is a daily 2 post limit for new members.

Hope this explanation helps.

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