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My new video of Bach's Presto from the G minor Sonata


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I would work for greater dynamic contrast, better tone, and more musical interest - in particular phrasing following the musical line ascending/descending. More energy, esp. in the peaks. At times your bow arm and therefore sound is a "bit constricted"; use more bow, vary sounding point, if possible vary your grip to more Franco Belgian rather than "Russian". Heifetz is great, his Bach not so much. Don't forget to vibrate, esp. the "bass" notes. When your left hand crosses strings I would recommend noting your left elbow position; too often on the e string your left wrist is twisted inwards, the result of incorrect left elbow "plane" placement. Eventually this will produce tendinitis.

Lastly, having watched this and other videos you've posted here, I'd say that you seem like a potentially good orchestral player; I would begin working on excerpts and start taking auditions if in fact you haven't done so already.

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Dood, this guy studied with Erick Friedman!

With respect, I can see that, Nori. :)

Edit - Friedman's playing was good but not great, and certainly nowhere near the category of a Heifetz. IMO, with few exceptions this is a derivative (and by definition unimaginative) approach. Byron Janis studying with Horowitz; it doesn't hold a candle. The shadows of great men are too great at times. So, Better to explore one's own musical soul and make one's own path. Much more difficult, but ultimately much more rewarding.

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